Vancouver Island Headquarters

An 8,000 square foot historic building on Vancouver Island

Nestled between the Pacific ocean and idyllic mountains, our Vancouver Island game studio is a creative oasis. Once the town’s old firehall, our studio is an 8000 square foot historic building set in the center of town. The fire pole is gone, leaving plenty of space for roomscale VR development, impromptu band practices after work, and an annual charity haunted house.

Episode 6

3D Artist & Animator Steven Blomkamp

Steven is living his childhood dream; since growing up as a gamer in South Africa, Steven has found a home–and himself–as an artist in the Canadian games industry, crafting worlds and inclusive VR experiences for everyone.

Episode 7

Producer & Audio Director Joel Green & Voice of ‘Elsie’ Heather Green

After leaving Bioware as an Audio Designer and Producer respectively, Joel Green and his wife Heather settled down and started a family on the idyllic Vancouver Island where they met the frontiers of Virtual Reality development and Cloudhead Games.