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Enter: the ultimate action hero. Pistol Whip is a physical action-rhythm game where film-inspired gunplay and blood-pumping beats collide. Blast, duck, and dodge your way through fever dream Scenes, build unique rhythms in a ballet of bullets, and claim glory on the leaderboards.

Winner of VR GOTY at the 2020 DICE Awards, this Physical FPS is fueled by dynamic tracks, dreamscape visuals, and easy to learn, tough to master gunplay. Inspired by iconic action cinema, the only thing that goes harder than this title’s soundtrack is you. Conquer the leaderboards, flow to the music with your own rhythmic patterns, or go all out as a dual-wielding deadeye with nothing to lose.

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Pair the pulse-pounding pace of an FPS with the flow-state energy of a music game in a cinematic symphony of violence.

Take it over-the-top with a variety of gameplay mods, such as Dual Wield, to enable the ultimate gun kata experience.

Form your rhythm and find your playstyle, from tactical to musical, then challenge your skill with friends and world leaderboards.

Featuring EDM artists from Kannibalen Records, including Apashe, HVDES, and Black Tiger Sex Machine; with more to come..

Infiltrate a fever dream of hand-crafted scenes, from bank heists to android uprisings, each uniquely designed to music.

Constant momentum and comfort-first design allows non-stop speed without the fear of motion sickness.

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“No VR game is as exciting or makes you feel as cool as Pistol Whip does.”
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