This month we launched our first free update to Pistol Whip, including a killer new scene (complete with three difficulties), 2 new modifiers, and scoring improvements to Deadeye and Dual Wield.

Inspired by the hallway fight scene in the movie Oldboy, “The High Priestess” is a melee-heavy scene that puts the name into Pistol Whip–bash your way through a synchronized gauntlet in this punchy new track by Sam Lamar & CMOR. Fans of our Gallery adventure series (60% off during the Winter Sale) might even see some familiar faces…

We launched Pistol Whip last month to player and critical acclaim, quickly rocketing to become one of the fastest selling games on Quest and one of the highest rated VR games of the year. Popular gaming YouTuber Markiplier said “Pistol Whip is probably the best VR game you can play right now. Period. It’s stupid fun. It’s crazy addicting.”

Since launch Pistol Whip has continued to see commercial success, remaining one of the top selling games on Quest and Steam. Polygon included the game in its Top 50 games of the year, and Gamespot called it one of the Best VR Games of 2019. Readers can even find Pistol Whip in the “Best of 2019” section on Oculus as “Arcade Game of the Year.

Thank you all for an amazing first month. We hope you enjoy the new scene and continue to share the game with your friends and family over the holiday season. We’ll be back with additional scenes, modifiers, customization options, and more over the coming months. If you haven’t got your John Whip on yet, you can grab the game in the Oculus Essentials bundle, or in our Cloudhead Games Holiday Bundle on Steam.

Happy Holidays from Cloudhead Games!