Holy moly. Pistol Whip is officially one of the highest rated and fastest selling games on Oculus Quest. Our first launch on the standalone VR platform was an instant hit, gathering fans of FPS, rhythm, and arcade gameplay into one complete package ready to be experienced with family, friends, and across the internet. Instantly accessible, infinitely replayable, and easily shareable, our journey to create an all-encompassing VR experience was a success. 

Reviews have called Pistol Whip a brilliant blend of action movies (John Wick, Matrix, Equilibrium) and VR smash hits (Superhot, Beat Saber), while still maintaining its own sense of style and unique gameplay. Our “shooter-first” mantra has enabled Pistol Whip to be played outside the confines of traditional rhythm games, making it enjoyable to an even broader audience than its contemporaries. A commitment to player expression and agency, informed by our many years of VR-first design, makes Pistol Whip a malleable experience for any playstyle.

For launch we partnered with the VRespawn Stream Team and LIV Mixed Reality to create a suite of gameplay videos showing the breadth of play possible with Pistol Whip, from tactical to musical. We loved seeing the different ways creators showed off the game, with some of our favourites being from Proper_D, top Beat Saber player Logan Theobald, and gaming YouTuber Markiplier.

We even managed to garner the attention of mainstream outlets like Polygon and IGN, earning a “Polygon Recommends” (their highest honour) and an 8/10 (“Great”) respectively. Among VR press, Pistol Whip also earned a 5/5 from UploadVR, for a total of 82 on Metacritic. On Steam, we’re sitting pretty at “Very Positive” (90%), and on Oculus Quest we have a 4.8 across over 1200 reviews. The response has been astounding; Pistol Whip has been the biggest ever launch for our studio.

Two weeks later, we’ve already launched our first patch on Quest and have started work on our first new scene. Along with new scenes, we plan to introduce unlockable customization options, new modifiers for new gameplay twists, as well as additional difficulty modes across future updates. Pistol Whip’s story has only just begun.

If you want to keep up to date with all the latest, make sure to check us out on social media @CloudheadGames, or @PistolWhipVR on Twitter, and join our Discord to talk directly to the team.

Thank you to everyone who has made this such a spectacular launch, and we look forward to taking Pistol Whip further with new tracks and new features in the coming months.