At E3 this year, we revealed our surprise new game: Pistol Whip.

Pistol Whip is a fast-paced and musical VR FPS inspired by the visceral action of games like Superhot, and the flow-state rhythm of games like Beat Saber. 

Part first-person shooter, part rhythm game, Pistol Whip is an action-hero sensory trip. Play out the best moments of a cinematic shootout beat by beat, then sync your actions to music to energize the world with colour, sound, and light in a fully-immersive action spectacle.

Check out the video below for the full announcement, and stay tuned for Pistol Whip to release on major VR platforms later this year.

Pistol Whip is a VR game that mixes Beat Saber with John Wick


Earlier this year we also announced Aperture Hand Labs, our latest collaboration with Valve Corporation! 

With the upcoming launch of the next-generation Valve Index HMD and controllers, we were tasked with showcasing the hardware’s exclusive features, including finger tracking and pressure sensitivity, set in the depths of Aperture Labs.

This is the third time we’ve helped reveal Valve’s hardware — first with The Gallery at the reveal of the HTC Vive, then with a demo at Steam Dev Days for the reveal of the Knuckles prototype controllers.

Watch our behind-the-scenes video below for more information about the project leading up to its launch with Valve Index later this month.

“…[Playing Aperture Hand Labs] was like I was experiencing virtual reality for the first time.”


Stay tuned for more announcements coming later this year, including a release date for Pistol Whip and a special update on The Gallery series.

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