Sony Glasstron

Image: Sony


Behold, the Sony Glasstron. Magnificent, isn’t it?

Released in 1996 (the same year Sony PlayStation released in North America) this was actually Sony’s second attempt at head-mounted display technology, coming after the Visotron which was developed in the early 1990’s. The Glasstron featured two LCD screens and two earphones to provide video and audio. Its 2011 successor, the HMZ-T1,  is pretty familiar-looking, don’t you think?

Image: Sony

Hi, I’m ashleyriott–the new Social Media and Community Relations person for Cloudhead Games–nice to meet you! Having started only last month, the torch of creating these blogs has been officially passed on to me just in time for our launch of Pistol Whip on PlayStation VR, and, let me just say, I couldn’t have imagined a better topic to start with. Since 2016 Antony has been the maintainer of these files. Thus, it is with extreme levels of excitement that I begin the daunting adventure of continuing his work, all with hopes I do not let either him or you down.  

“After 7 years of navigating VR’s resurgence, we’re beyond excited to finally bring our smash-hit Pistol Whip to PlayStation VR,” says Denny Unger, CEO and Creative Director of Cloudhead Games. “Pistol Whip has both the depth and accessibility to keep players coming back for more, so we are super keen to be a part of the PS VR community”.

PlayStation VR

5M headsets sold.

Over 500 games and experiences.

More than 25 years as a platform.

That’s right. It’s finally happened. Pistol Whip–our unique action rhythm FPS–is now available on PlayStation VR, the iconic system helping to revolutionize the face of commercial virtual reality.

The release comes fully-loaded with all previous content updates, for a total of 15 scenes at launch. It also debuts 24 brand-spankin’ new trophies for players to unlock–a first for Pistol Whip on any platform.

The action will continue to arrive after launch on all platforms with yet another free content update: The Heartbreaker Trilogy. After five months of face-melting music for fighters, this one is for all the lovers out there. This chilled-out take on all things action is abstract, colourful, and highly musical, pulling inspiration from trippy, rhythmic action games like Sayonara Wild Hearts. 


What else we’ve been up to.

While it’s only been a short while since our most recent blog, we’ve still got news for you! Since then, Pistol Whip has reached over four thousand reviews (4361 at the time of writing) on Oculus Quest, making it the 6th most rated title across the entire Oculus Quest store. Incredible. Thank you so much to everyone for all the support. 

Pistol Whip was also recently named a finalist in the 2020 VR Awards for the category of VR Game of the Year. There are some really awesome titles, studios, and creators doing some amazing things that made the cut, so be sure to check out the full list of categories and finalists. Huge congratulations to everyone else on the list and best of luck come November!

This last month has also seen a monumental milestone on the human resources front as we welcomed some new faces to the team. With 26 employees, Cloudhead Games is now the largest it has ever been since its founding in 2013. 

In some other cool news, former Mythbuster and madly-skilled builder Adam Savage made this ridiculously cool custom Pistol Whip controller that we can’t stop obsessing over and wanted to share with you.  

The future

Pistol Whip 2020 Roadmap

Click the image above to view our 2020 roadmap announcement video.


Whew. Things have been busy, but that doesn’t mean we have any intention of slowing down. Pistol Whip’s launch for PlayStation VR and the continuance of free content updates via the Heartbreaker Trilogy are just the first steps in unrolling our longterm 2020 Roadmap which is chock-full of future content update plans.

Want to stay up to date with our latest news? Make sure to check us out on social media @CloudheadGames, or @PistolWhipVR on Twitter, and join our Discord to talk directly to the team.