Greetings! I am currently dictating this message by candlelight to a humble morning lark, who in turn shall sing this story of my people to the nearest computer, pecking at the keyboard until it learns how to use WordPress.

Our Cloudhead homeland of Vancouver Island has lost power due to trecherous winter conditions–I fear it may be days still until it returns. The only explanation I can muster is that a surge of VR gamers have rushed to purchase The Gallery (for 50% off during the SteamOculus, and Viveport Winter Sales), overloading the servers and ultimately blowing the fuses beneath our once great city.

Despite this unforseen consequence, all hope is not lost. The warm recognition we received this year for our work on Heart of the Emberstone has helped keep our strength. We managed to print off in time UploadVR’s list of the Top 25 Games on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, on which The Gallery is listed as #4 and #3 respectively. We have now crafted the pages into a kitsch holiday sweater.

More, Heart of the Emberstone’s Game of the Year win at the 2018 VR Awards, its Best Entertainment Experience win at the Viveport Developer Awards, and its Best Episodic Game win at the Cinequest Film and VR Awards, has left us with a surprisingly edible stack of trophies that shall keep us nourished for days.

In these retrospective times, we look back with great fondness at the year we had. We think back on summer, as we released the first footage of the Knuckles EV2 and wrote at lengths about its history and its meaning for VR. And on autumn, as we raised over $1200 for the Canadian Mental Health Association with our third-annual Haunted House.

We think of the design blogs covering locomotioninteractions, and narrative. We think of our presence in the local VR ecosystem, with a front cover feature on Business in Vancouver and a Startup of the Year nomination from BC Tech’s Technology Impact Awards. We think of the talks and panels at GDC and VRX and how grateful we are for our voices to be heard.

And, as the flickering light of this candle softly dims, we think of the new year and finally showing the world what we’ve been so quietly building. This project is unlike anything we’ve done before—we’ve been preparing for a new dawn of VR. It is short and sweet but we’ve been so grateful for the opportunity to keep working in this industry. For the support of you the reader, the listener, the player, the evangalist, the hero.

We hope your holidays are filled with adventure and joy. And we’ll see you with new life in the new year.

Now fly my beautiful bird, and deliver my message to the net of inters. You don’t have to type that part.