On October 16, we were blown away to have received “VR Game of the Year” for *The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone*  from the international VR Awards. While Emberstone released in 2017, it missed the window for last year’s show so we were excited to be in contention this year instead.

Heart of the Emberstone and The Gallery as a whole has been a labour of love for us from the very beginning of this new era of VR. Among the many action and rhythm games across the platform, we know that story-driven adventure games like The Gallery are a tough sell. We appreciate everyone who has taken the plunge and joined us on this journey to something different, and we hope you can continue to join us for what we’ve been quietly cooking for the future of VR. More on that in the new year.

Also last month was our third-annual Cloudhead Haunted House. Every year we close off half the studio and turn it into a sprawling maze of jump scares and Halloween props as a community fundraiser. Last year we raised over $1000 for the Manna Homeless Society, and this year we raised over $1200 for the Canadian Mental Health Association!

Over in VR-land this week is VRTL, the latest invite-only VR event set on the Paramount Pictures lot. We’ll be there to catch up with Hollywood’s changing perspective on VR and speak with industry leaders and investors including Paramount, Warner Bros., and Universal Studios.

Up next in December is VRX, another annual VR conference where we’ll be connecting with some of the top companies to discuss the future of the market and other opportunities. Denny will also be there for his latest candid panel, “What’s the real state of VR gaming?” on the main track on December 7. You can find more information on the talk and the event at vr-intelligence.com/vrx

We’ve got big news stewing for the new year and can’t wait to share–some of it is unlike anything we’ve done before. And as always, you can keep up to date with sales and other news or announcements via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with @CloudheadGames.