We’re live now with our second major update for Pistol Whip, featuring the cybernetic new scene “Akuma”. Starting with Akuma, we’ll be whipping out monthly updates, each including a free new scene, leading to E3 2020 in June. We’ve got a ton in store for Pistol Whip this year, and Akuma is just the beginning.

Inspired by the Neo-Tokyo of anime action classics like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, Akuma is a rhythm-heavy scene set in a cyberpunk Japan. Clean up the futuristic streets and alleys in a colourful splash of action and glitchy techno. 

New changes include improvements to the results screen and leaderboards, with a new “Beat Combo” metric, and % displays for both accuracy and on-beat scores. These changes allow you to more accurately track your performance across accuracy and rhythm, as well as compare performance with your friends and competitors in the leaderboard details panel.

This update also includes major bug fixes for the single eye / double vision rendering issue for both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards (including those on Windows 7) — thanks to everyone who helped by sending reports!

Over the winter, we were honoured to have Pistol Whip featured on a bunch of “best of” lists, as well as earn industry recognition as a finalist for both the Game Developer’s Choice Awards and DICE Awards. Pistol Whip has been named one of the best VR games of 2019, and with our continued support this year we hope that continues through 2020.

In the coming months you can look forward to more scenes, modifiers, customization options, unlocks, achievements, and more!

We’ll be back next month with another new scene and update as we work toward our long-term roadmap. For now, we hope you enjoy Akuma — and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @PistolWhipVR, or join our Discord to discuss the game, feedback, and suggestions with the dev team.