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Cloudhead Games is an award-winning virtual reality development studio with a deep foundation in cinematic gaming. Through years of research and development, Cloudhead is a leader in VR with innovative solutions that help define industry standards.


Early history

Cloudhead has been developing in VR since late 2012, before a successful Kickstarter campaign in the spring of 2013 gave them the mandate to create the first ever announced, built-for-VR game, previously known as The Gallery: Six Elements. Cloudhead grew into a diverse team of pioneers drawing from many different backgrounds, from AAA game studios like Bioware, Riot and Relic, to tabletop RPG creators like Worldworks Games.

Since then

As pioneers in virtual reality, Cloudhead has partnered with industry leaders to produce built-for-VR experiences. Their proprietary, cross-platform tool set; and advances in VR research continue to push the boundaries of virtual reality development. The first episode of The Gallery, titled Call of the Starseed, released as a launch title for the HTC Vive in April 2016 to critical acclaim.



This is Real - Cloudhead Games YouTube

Cloudhead Games - Blink VR Locomotion YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner 2017 Cinequest Awards" - Best Game
  • "Winner 2016 UploadVR Awards" - Best Narrative
  • "Nomination 2016 UploadVR Awards" - Breakout VR Game Studio
  • "Nomination 2016 UploadVR Awards" - Best VR Game of the Year
  • "Nomination 2016 UploadVR Awards" - Most Innovative VR Game
  • "Nomination 2016 UploadVR Awards" - Best Vive Game
  • "Nomination 2016 UploadVR Awards" - Best Music/Sound Design
  • "Winner 2016 Canadian Video Game Awards" - Best Narrative
  • "Winner 2016 Canadian Video Game Awards" - Best Technology
  • "Winner 2016 Canadian Video Game Awards" - Best Game Innovation
  • "Nomination 2016 Canadian Video Game Awards" - Best Performance
  • "Nomination 2016 Canadian Video Game Awards" - Best Indie Game
  • "Nomination 2016 Canadian Video Game Awards" - Best Debut Game
  • "Nomination 2016 Canadian Video Game Awards" - Best Audio
  • "Nomination 2016 Destructoid Awards" - Best VR Game
  • "Nomination 2016 TIGA Games Industry Award" - Best Debut Game
  • "Winner 2016 Proto Awards" - Best Narrative
  • "Winner 2016 Proto Awards" - Best Narrative
  • "Nomination 2016 Proto Awards" - Best Game
  • "Nomination 2016 TIGA Games Industry Awards" - Best Debut Game
  • "Winner 2015 Proto Awards" - Most Transportive
  • "Winner 2014 Proto Awards" - Best Sound Design
  • "Nominated 2014 Proto Awards" - Best Gameplay
  • "Runner-up 2015 Unity Awards" - Creative Category - HTC Vive

Selected Articles

  • "What Cloudhead Games have accomplished here is such a rare and delightful balance between a mysterious narrative and a world ripe for discovery and exploration that it’s truly difficult to really describe."
    - David Jagneaux, Upload VR
  • "Cloudhead Games was instrumental in developing some of the inner workings of the systems — locomotion, motion control and performance capture — that are now industry standard in VR."
    - Francois Marchand, Vancouver Sun
  • "Cloudhead Games is an invaluable source of wisdom in VR locomotion."
    - Kevin Carbotte, Toms Hardware

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Denny Unger
CEO and Creative Director

Jo Dunlop
Business Development and Communications

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