Thank you, Vancouver—we’ve been really feeling the love from our city this past month.

At the end of April, we took part in YVRFF, Vancouver’s first virtual reality film festival. Last time you checked, we weren’t a film studio, but you’ll be surprised to hear that we’re still not one! We are, however, a developer of deeply cinematic VR experiences, and thanks to UNIVRS (Vancouver’s VR Lounge) we were able to show a teaser of Heart of the Emberstone to great acclaim at YVRFF.

We followed up YVRFF with a star-studded morning TV spot on Global News alongside fellow Vancouver VR developer, Archiact. We talked about the upcoming CVR 2017, the largest VR/AR/MR event in the Pacific Northwest, produced by Archiact. We also showed our teaser for Heart of the Emberstone to an awe-struck TV host, and convinced some of the TV crew to come out to CVR and try it VR first-hand.

Heart of the Emberstone at CVR 2017

From May 5-7 we showed an early teaser of Heart of the Emberstone at CVR–the biggest VR event in the Pacific Northwest, with over 5000 attendees!

Posted by Cloudhead Games on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Last year, we were a part of the sold-out CVR show with four booths featuring Call of the Starseed. This year, we returned with four more stations including our own booths and demos at Academy of VR, and CUBE by BC Tech Association to show Heart of the Emberstone. The event was a huge success, with over 5000 attendees, and it was wonderful to meet the new coalition of Vancouver’s VR community driving virtual reality forward. Denny also returned with another talk this year, this time a panel on gaming with legendary mobile developer E McNeill and longtime VR evangelist and friend to Cloudhead, Pete Moss.

It was an honour to be one of CVR’s main partners alongside major tech names such as Microsoft. Microsoft’s VIP Party was fabulously catered by the good grace of Gates, with a beautiful panoramic view overlooking Vancouver. We had fellow developers throughout the event labelling us a “world-class virtual reality studio” and then becoming awestruck when we told them we’re based in the middle of a retirement town on Vancouver Island. Being so far from the big city, it’s hard to contextualize our place in the broader VR industry–but times like our week at CVR make us feel proud of our work, and of our community.

Some local highlights at CVR include:

As for Heart of the Emberstone, we’re into finalling mode now, and our Inside The Gallery series is approaching its “season finale.” In this week’s video we talk about level design and show off a brand new scene from Heart of the Emberstone. If you missed our last video on Sound Design, you can see how our Audio Director Joel Green recorded, edited, and crafted the award-winning SFX in The Gallery. It’s an awesome look behind-the-scenes of an overlooked process imperative to VR design—plus, Joel has a beautiful ASMR voice.