The Oculus Touch is finally here, and with it Episode 1 of The Gallery on Rift for the first time with Touch. If this is your first time experiencing wireless hand-tracking or Oculus’ roomscale options, we hope you love the future as much as we do. If you’re one of our 600+ Kickstarter backers who received a code for the game last week, let us know what you think on social media @CloudheadGames.

To celebrate the launch, we released a new trailer showcasing some of our many accolades since launch, from awards to rave reviews to “best of” lists. Last month we were even honoured to have won three new awards—Best Technology, Best Game Innovation, and Best Virtual Reality game at the Canadian Videogame Awards—winning over many of our idols at Ubisoft and Eidos Montreal in the categories. To be celebrated on a national scale, and to represent Canada in this emerging medium… we’re eternally grateful.

What’s new:

In case you missed the memo, Call of the Starseed launched on Oculus Home with our new Hand Presence update, featuring new hand models, animations, and inclusivity options. This update paves the way for future gender-neutral story beats and finger-tracking controllers, deepening presence and immersion across The Gallery.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be continuing support by adding haptic feedback, additional hand poses, and achievements, as well as patching bugs in the Touch version of Call of the Starseed. Over on Steam, we’ll be releasing the OVR runtime so you can play with your Touch natively, plus we’ll be adding the Hand Presence update to the HTC Vive. If you come across any bugs while playing in the meantime, please submit a report using our online form.

If you haven’t yet joined the adventure, or your Oculus Touch has only just arrived, Call of the Starseed is currently 25% off during the Winter Sales on Oculus Home and Steam!

Denny was invited to speak on a panel this month at VRX 2016!

Episode 2:

Now that the Touch version of Call of the Starseed is out in the world, we’re just about ready to start talking Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone. Over the past few weeks we’ve been pumping out Meet the Devs videos on our Youtube channel, introducing you to the team and slipping in some visual teasers for Episode 2. And starting later this month, we’ll be launching a new video series in partnership with HTC Vive called “Inside The Gallery.” Inside The Gallery will chronicle our development of Heart of the Emberstone up until its release early next year. You’ll get development insight and teasers for the upcoming episode, so keep your emberstones peeled.

If you’ve missed our new Meet the Devs videos, check out our playlist featuring all the Meet the Devs videos to date, but make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and Vive’s channel to stay up to date.

We’ve got tons of things in store for the new year as we move towards Heart of the Emberstone (and a few other secret projects), but for now, we hope you enjoy the holidays, whether it be with your family, your new Vive or Oculus Touch, or, preferably, with all three. We’ve been humbled to hear players and critics name Call of the Starseed as one of their favourite games of the year–if that’s you too, please let us know on social media @CloudheadGames, or just yell it off the rooftops like some holiday romcom. It warms our cold Canadian hearts.

Happy Holidays from the Cloudhead team.

Call of the Starseed with Christmas theme