Oh, hi there! I’m the Cloudhead Blog Writing Guy™. You may remember me from such classics as “It’s too sunny out for a normal blog post” and “The Gallery Episode 2 Will Release in September.” It’s been about 38 years in VR time since my last update, so we figured I’m due to round up all the info we’ve been sharing on The Social Medias (@cloudheadgames) for those who have better things to do than read the whims of our Cloudhead Social Media Guy™.

First off, the keenest of readers may have noticed that we have swiftly exited the month of September, and yet The Gallery Episode 2 door has not hit us on the way out. This is because we have a new and improved release date: Wednesday, October 18, 2017. The game is finished at this point, but this new release date allows us to jam pack the game with loads of improved features; including “Extra Bug Fixes,” “Lots of Love,” and “Polish (and I don’t mean the countrymen)”!

🔑 Other key facts:

  • Emberstone runs most players between 4-6 hours, varying due to the openness of VR gameplay.
  • The game will release at $29.99, and we’ll continue to offer dollar parity for our fellow Canadians.
  • There will be a 10% bundle discount when purchasing both episodes, and a “complete the bundle” discount for existing owners of EP1 on Steam.
  • Kickstarter backers (love you) will receive a code for EP2 when it launches on October 18.
  • You can currently wishlist Emberstone on Steam to get launch notifications and more info as it comes.
  • The modern key (known as the “pin-tumbler lock key”) was invented in 1848 by Linus Yale Sr.

If you have any other queries about the game, our Cloudhead Steam Announcement Posting Guy™ put together a handy FAQ with answers to common questions. If your only question is “Give Me The Game Please?” then you’ll be happy to know that you can soon play our elusive GDC Gameplay Teaser at more than 200 HTC Vive retail demo locations in North America. Find a participating store, from Microsoft Store to Gamestop, near you with this convenient Vive locator tool at locator.vive.com.

If you’d prefer to abstain from playing until in the privacy of your own home, then we have a spoiler-free teaser trailer, as well as a spoiler-packed gameplay video for those more chaotic neutral.

If you don’t even want to see an inkling of motion or video until it’s strapped to your face and you can touch the sky when Emberstone releases on October 18, you can read one of these three preview articles from VR reviewers:

UploadVR: “I end this demo with my head pointed at the sky, in awe of my surroundings.”

Road to VR: “If the [preview] we played accurately represents the fit and finish of the final product, we’re in for quite a treat.”

VR Focus: “Cloudhead has created a gorgeous looking title that evokes the same grandeur as the story the studio plans on telling.”

And, while not a preview article, Wareable included us in their “Hottest VR studios to look out for” list!

If you’re across the pond, over the mountains, or over the boarder, and can’t wait for me to come out of hibernation again for another blog post, you can always follow us on twitter/facebook/instagram @cloudheadgames, while supplies last. Otherwise I’ll be back with another one of these updates later this month when The Gallery – Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone releases on October 18 (in case you missed that part).

Thank you always for your patience and support; the adventure wouldn’t be possible without you.