Wow. Heart of the Emberstone was a long-in-the-making labour of love, and we couldn’t be happier with the response.

Among critics, Heart of the Emberstone is one of the Top 5 VR games of the last 6 months, right up there with the remarkable Lone Echo and Talos Principle.

Among players, Heart of the Emberstone is one of the top 5 VR games on Steam of the last 3 months.

And Heart of the Emberstone has even been in the Top Sellers section on Steam since launch, including an amazing first day at the top.

It’s been an incredible first month, and we can’t thank you enough for the kind reviews, and the great feedback that continues to inspire us to keep creating and innovating in VR.

Some of our favourite quotes from reviews:

“Cloudhead has put in the hours producing a visually and emotionally adept story” Road to VR, 9/10

“[Heart of the Emberstone] does a fantastic job of breaking away from the stigma of short, proof-of-concept VR titles to deliver a quality narrative experience that’s a must-have for any fan of the genre.” – GameCrate, 8.5/10

“[Heart of the Emberstone has] evolved to meet our heightened expectations of the second year of VR content, and yet again left us begging for more.” – UploadVR, 9/10

If you haven’t played it yet, you can currently:

If you’re really behind with the times, you can get both episodes 48% off during the Steam Autumn Sale.

Or if you need a VR stocking stuffer this year you can:

Outside of the game world, we hosted our second annual haunted house and raised $1300 dollars for the local Mana Homeless Society. Denny talked to about the state of VR and what VR needs going forward. He’ll also be talking again about monetization in VR at VRX next month.

And with that, we’re onto the next thing. We’ve got some really exciting ideas for the future of The Gallery, and we can’t wait to bring our next project to life. For now, stay tuned for some bug fixes, a major performance update, and achievements coming to EP2! You can follow us as always on your favourite social media @cloudheadgames for all the latest news.