We’re focused on deep virtual reality game experiences, and looking for that uber technical artist that is game on tackling object scaling, stylized texturing, navigating 3d spaces, and graphical performance constraints.

The role more specifically would be attractive for someone who:

Can create virtual objects and environments which allow people to interact and connect with the concepts in VR physical space.

Job Requirments

This role will require that special someone who has worked in 3D unity experiences, can read the hieroglyphics of scripting, and a variable background in 3D art. You are passionate and have a penchant for 80s puzzle adventure games (okay maybe not just 80s puzzle adventure games).

Some of what the right person for this role would have inherently:

  • You thrive in a creative and collaborative team environment
  • You take initiative and work at a rapid pace, and find iterating or pushing VR art creativity intoxicating
  • You contribute in art and team design discussions passionately internally and vr circles
  • You like to work in a great place with an Island vibe!

This would be the role you have waited for if this sounds like you!

Please email jobs@cloudheadgames.com