After an excellent holiday season, our driveways are now shoveled of snow, our computers have thawed out, and we’re already onto the next thing.

As the GOTY season came to an end, Heart of the Emberstone found itself on each of the Big 3 VR review sites’ “Best Of” lists. VRFocus included Emberstone in its Top 10 games for Oculus Rift of 2017, and Road to VR featured it at #4 of the all time Top 5 for HTC Vive. Over on UploadVR, both EP1 and EP2 are included in the Top 10 Vive Games to date; and we earned five award nominations, including VR Game of the Year and Best Developer.

On Steam, Starseed and Emberstone each earned a silver ranking, putting both episodes in the list of top-selling VR games of the year. On Metacritic, Heart of the Emberstone earned an 86, making it the top-rated VR game of the last 3 months, and the third best rated of the last 6 months.

So that’s all good news.

The even better news is that if you haven’t found the time to try the new adventure, you can get a taste of the world of Ember with Heart of the Emberstone: Coliseum for FREE. Coliseum is a special sandbox version of a level in the full game, giving you access to the types of puzzles and powers you can experience in Episode 2. Try out the Gauntlet, and get a taste of the story and adventure in The Gallery, for the low-low cost of nothing.

On the other hand, if you have found time for the adventure, we recently updated Heart of the Emberstone to add achievements! It’s a great reason to revisit the world, and is full of Easter Eggs and secret achievements for the true hunters.  

We have a ton of great new things planned for the next year, and no plans on stopping—we can’t wait to share what we’re working on next. For now, stay tuned on social media @cloudheadgames for all the latest.