Cloudhead v1.07.4: Inside a new era

Imagine a painting of a tree. Think of an impressionist painting, like the portrait of Van Gogh, except in this example Van Gogh isn’t Van Gogh he’s like a tree or whatever. He’s a beautiful, flowering tree, one with long, reaching branches that squiggle off in...

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The boys (and girls) are back in town

October was so chock full of events that while our developers hunkered down on Episode 2, the rest of us spent pretty much every breathing moment not at a conference on a plane to the next conference. Here’s the breakdown: Oculus Connect 3: We opened the month with...

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Oculustober: We’re a Touch launch title!

When we launched our Kickstarter in March 2013, VR as we know it didn’t exist. The Rift didn’t yet have positional tracking, roomscale was a pipedream, and hand tracking was produced with electromagnets instead of light and lasers. The whole industry was in its...

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All Summer Sixteen: Everything you need to know

It’s 1762, and Mike arrives at the studio wearing a lacey bonnet. The team gathers and sits together in a shape sharing some semblance to a circle, the soft grass tickling our unshaven legs, and we begin to churn. We churn, and we churn, until a thick embryo of fat...

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We’re pretty sure that’s what it stands for anyway. Our brains may be fried, but this month has been an absolute blast; Denny and Jo flew out to Los Angeles to visit the world’s largest gaming expo, E3 2016. In case you’re living under under a rock (or in more...

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Launch and where we go next

Launch We did it. We launched a game. A real game. One with graphics and music and characters, and things that you can pick up and throw around and solve puzzles with, and you can play it on your fancy electronics machine with those cool goggles and weird looking...

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