It’s been one year since launch!

When Valve and Vive reached out to us last year to say they wanted us to be a part of their next content bundle included with every new HTC Vive, we were honoured. We posted our appreciation on Reddit and Steam, and looked forward to being a part of many players’...

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Winter recap, GDC, and Heart of the Emberstone!

I know what you’ve been thinking: “Where is that beautiful blog update I look forward to every month from my favourite VR developer Cloudhead Games? Has the Great Vancouver Island Snowfall of 2017 buried them under an ivory blanket of death? How will the True Promise...

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Holiday Update

The Oculus Touch is finally here, and with it Episode 1 of The Gallery on Rift for the first time with Touch. If this is your first time experiencing wireless hand-tracking or Oculus’ roomscale options, we hope you love the future as much as we do. If you’re one of...

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Improved hand presence and inclusivity options

Hi! I’m Chris, senior programmer on The Gallery. I've been asked to talk about what went into developing the new hands as part of the Oculus Touch game update, and it's going to be a fun trip down memory lane. When Denny roped me into working on a VR game with him...

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Cloudhead v1.07.4: Inside a new era

Imagine a painting of a tree. Think of an impressionist painting, like the portrait of Van Gogh, except in this example Van Gogh isn’t Van Gogh he’s like a tree or whatever. He’s a beautiful, flowering tree, one with long, reaching branches that squiggle off in...

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