Happy Third Birthday to Call of the Starseed!

Another orbit; Friday was the third birthday of Call of the Starseed and HTC Vive. In many ways, it was the third anniversary of modern day VR. As a launch developer, we knew that for VR to resonate with people our game had to be accessible and comfortable. Everyone...

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Holiday Update – 2018 Recap

Greetings! I am currently dictating this message by candlelight to a humble morning lark, who in turn shall sing this story of my people to the nearest computer, pecking at the keyboard until it learns how to use Wordpress. Our Cloudhead homeland of Vancouver Island...

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Fall Update: Even More Events and Awards!

On October 16, we were blown away to have received "VR Game of the Year" for *The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone*  from the international VR Awards. While Emberstone released in 2017, it missed the window for last year's show so we were excited to be in...

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Spring Update: Events and Awards

With the Spring Sale ongoing over on Humble (Emberstone 34% off, Starseed 60% off!), it’s time for a quick recap. Over the last few months we’ve been proud to take home a cast of achievements for Heart of the Emberstone. First was the Viveport Developers Award for...

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