Spring Update: Events and Awards

With the Spring Sale ongoing over on Humble (Emberstone 34% off, Starseed 60% off!), it’s time for a quick recap. Over the last few months we’ve been proud to take home a cast of achievements for Heart of the Emberstone. First was the Viveport Developers Award for...

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Finding the fun in VR-centric design: Telekinesis

The first time I got my hands on good motion controls in virtual reality, I knew that I wanted to have the Force. VR controllers remove abstractions; you can actually touch things, wield things, and control things with your own hands in a virtual world, without the...

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A busy holiday and a happy New Year

After an excellent holiday season, our driveways are now shoveled of snow, our computers have thawed out, and we’re already onto the next thing. As the GOTY season came to an end, Heart of the Emberstone found itself on each of the Big 3 VR review sites’ “Best Of”...

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