When Valve and Vive reached out to us last year to say they wanted us to be a part of their next content bundle included with every new HTC Vive, we were honoured. We posted our appreciation on Reddit and Steam, and looked forward to being a part of many players’ first step into VR. Seven months later, our time in the bundle has come to an end, but all those feelings remain. Comments and stories have continued to pour out, and we’ve received endless and invaluable feedback and encouragement from players, fans, and fellow devs. We’ve got a whole slew of fresh VR ideas that we’re bringing to life in Heart of the Emberstone, and we hope you will all love it, too, when we’re finally ready to put it out into the world.

As part of the one year anniversary of the Vive, and our one year since launching Call of the Starseed, we’re happy to be releasing our Original Soundtrack, composed by the legendary Jeremy Soule, for free on Steam. If you own Call of the Starseed on Steam, just visit our store page and find the “DLC” section to download the soundtrack. If you installed the DLC and don’t see the soundtrack in your Steam music library, go to Settings > Music > Scan Now and it should appear.

As another part of this milestone, Denny put together a retrospective on the past four years—from before the Kickstarter to the response since launching Call of the Starseed. You can check out the story on our Made with Unity page. It’s a long read, but it talks about our drive, motivation, inspiration, and the roller-coaster journey of emotions that The Gallery has been. Of course, if you weren’t already aware, we’re also currently chronicling the development of Heart of the Emberstone with the “Inside The Gallery” series on our Youtube channel. It’s less candid, but a concise behind-the-scenes dive into our new approach to design with EP2. The next video, which will also introduce the actress behind Elsie, is set to release next week, so keep an eye out on our Youtube for that!

Denny at Cloudhead’s beginning.

Also next week is the return of CVR – Canada’s biggest VR/AR expo. Last year we had four Call of the Starseed demo stations set up, and CTV news came and spoke to us. We’re 900% certain that our epic presence contributed to the event selling out and the organizers requiring a conference hall 3x bigger this year. Yup, all us. We’re back again this year with our gameplay teaser for Heart of the Emberstone, a panel on VR gaming featuring Denny, and a special discount code (CLOUDHEAD25) to give our fans 25% off ticket prices. If you’re in the Pacific northwest, this is not an event you want to miss. More info and tickets are available on the CVR website.

If you happen to fear an apocalyptic Singularity and will be staying indoors next week no matter what, come out to YVRFF this Friday and Saturday instead. We’re honoured to be the only game included in the film festival thanks to our deeply cinematic approach.

Demo booths for Call of the Starseed at CVR

Call of the Starseed at CVR last year.

Speaking of film festivals: Our Cinequest Film & VR Festival award for “Best Game” arrived earlier this month! We’re proud to take this one home with continued recognition from the film industry. It’s also one of the prettiest awards we’ve received, so it gets extra points for the #AESTHETIC.

And, to complete my perfect streak of seamless paragraph transitions, our website and newsletter both have a brand-new aesthetic! Recently overhauled with our reveal of Heart of the Emberstone, cloudheadgames.com has a new look and new information on our studio and The Gallery. Plus, if you subscribe to our newsletter using the sidebar at cloudheadgames.com/blog/ you get a snazzy once-a-month email filled with all sorts of goodies, from news articles to youtube videos, to the latest news. You miss out on my immaculate employment of the English language, but you get all the fun stuff like a gumball machine.